Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Election is over.... now what??

Some thoughts about the election...

Now that the election is over, I know many Americans have some things to ponder. For instance, will the warring factions in our government learn to come to a compromise and actually get something done in the next four years?

Pessimists say no.
But I think there is a chance they might. If everyone is pretty sick of the stalemate in Washington, we can all decide to really give our Congresspeople and Senators grief when they don't even talk to the other side about a compromise to get something done about many issues.

Nobody wants gridlock. But it seems like that is what we HAD, and what we might have again.

My idea: (and I'm sure it isn't a new one!) is for everyone to get more active and pressure our people in Washington to reach out more and actually work towards compromises. No, it won't make everyone happy about everything.

But we WILL have some progress towards things that the American people want to change.

The U.S. can't stand still. We have to start solving some things that have been left alone too long. The budget must be fixed (at least a start must be made), the immigrant policies that don't work must be changed, we must start saving money (which hopefully will be easier now that the wars MIGHT be winding down...), we must help our servicepeople, get a single payer health care system (what I think would be best), and help people get good jobs with good benefits.

There is a lot to do.

I will be hoping that the next four years will be noticeably much less partisan, and a lot more patriotic.


What are YOUR thoughts? Leave a comment here. But please, no hate talk.

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