Monday, November 05, 2012

Searching for the Bell Witch in Adams, Tennessee - the Bell Witch Cave signs

Rickey brought me by the Bell Witch Cave this last weekend.

Unfortunately, it was not open. It re-opens in May. But I definitely could feel some haunted vibes around the town, and it was kind of creepy to look down the road and have a closed, locked gate here. I think imagination makes things even scarier when you can't see them all the way.

The signs here were VERY interesting too.

I think many people who live in Kentucky and in Tennessee have heard of the Bell Witch legend. I know I have heard of it. Legend has it that the Bell Witch has taken revenge on the Bell family for 3 generations.

 Some stories say that the Bell Witch ghost was taken advantage of in a land deal. I hope to read more about it before visiting again.

The third generation haunting or revenging should have happened too, but Rickey said he heard everyone was so busy with World War II about this time and that things just seemed to have stopped then. At least, the stories may have.

But not all... some of the links at the end of this posting mention moaning sounds coming from the cave.

Rickey said that another story said that a person should not bring a rock out of the cave, because she would not like it.

I was surprised to see the canoe sign - - and Rickey was surprised to see that no video cameras were allowed. Plus NO profanity. I kind of like that rule though, but I almost NEVER see it on a sign. I am glad that people CAN take photos though.

Here are some photos from the Bell Witch Cave entrance and the road. I look forward to seeing the cave itself - - maybe next year.


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