Friday, October 12, 2012

Photos from another walk in my neighborhood - plus a hidden garden

I so enjoyed my walk around the neighborhood yesterday. As usual, I brought my camera. I went a different direction, and turned left at the next street.

It was there on the corner, I saw a couple putting the finishing touches on a truck they were polishing up. I waved, and Mary, my almost-neighbor, waved me over and talked to me. It turns out we had a friend in common! From way back too.

She was gracious and let me see her beautiful garden, which has been a labor of love for many years. She let me take some photos too.

I took some more photos from the street of the farm, and got to see a horse in the distance.

Also, I met another neighbor, Mary. She and her husband have a cute little garden, complete with fountain and bench. I did get a few photos of it and some other things.

Here are just some of the photos I took:

It was peaceful and shady in their yard. They had re-painted some of the figures there. That gave me an idea about the cat I have from Mom. Maybe it can be re-painted too someday.

You can see more of these photos on my Facebook photos page.

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