Monday, January 02, 2012

How often should I update my blogs?

Today I am publishing to some of my blogs.  <Again - after a day or two...>

Cool pens original by Keith Williamson on Flickr.

I have only been publishing maybe once or twice a week before, and sometimes less often.

But it will be good practice, and I think more interesting to write more than I used to last year. I think publishing every day would be great - but I don't have that much time when I am very busy. So I will publish every other day when that happens.

How often do you update your blogs? I have heard great advice from Bloggeries, a popular web directory and forum, about how much posting is necessary. By all means, some people say, post every day. Others say to post at least twice a week.

Most bloggers agree that posting once a month is not enough. People simply get bored of never hearing anything from a blog and will ignore them after a while. I personally erase a blog from my blogrolls if they have not posted for two months or more.

And I want to get serious about my blogs this year. I want to improve how they look, and don't be surprised if I move some to websites. My readers will still be able to read each blog; they will just be on another page.

Blog and webpage writer

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