Saturday, October 15, 2011

Making pottery and minis - it was fun!

I love minis.

We have some of them downtown at the Pots Place Co-op Studio and Gallery in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Here are some pictures of the minis that are in the shop. I think they are cute. I have a couple at home.
Some mini pots at The Pots Place.

More mini pots at The Pots Place.

I made some mini Fairy Doors that took just as long as regular ones! So I think I'll stick to the larger sizes... It was fun to make these, but a lot more difficult. I could not fit my fingers underneath the handles, so I had to use a teeny stick. But it was good practice!

About the price of these, I don't think people will buy the super-little ones for the same price. But since they took just as long to make, maybe the price will be similar. I also made some teeny pots with texture. Maybe I will give these little ones away for Christmas presents...

Here is what some of my minis looked like right after I made them. They have not been glazed or stained yet. I am wondering whether to leave them alone and not even stain them. Maybe I will stain them very lightly.
A mini fairy door.

Two tiny plates.

A tiny bowl.

Are you an artist? What do you like doing most? Or are you somebody who likes art? What kind of art do you like best?

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