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Annabel Park, the Coffee Party, and the Occupy Movement (fixed link)

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Are you following the Occupy Movement? How about the Coffee Party?

I am.

I am very proud of the people who have gotten out and voiced their concerns with what has happened in Wall Street with the Bail-Out and the Too-Big-To-Fail concept. I don't feel so alone in feeling that these policies are "not sustainable" (per Annabel Park). I am also concerned about my government. I feel like my vote is not helping anymore.

The voting system in the U.S. is broken and needs to be fixed. Plus we need to actually get something done in Washington!

I have been a member of The Coffee Party for awhile, online.  Now they are getting ready to speak out on Monday (tomorrow) with our representatives in Washington to seek common ground.

I like this video, below:

In this video, Annabelle Park,  the founder of the Coffee Party, explains about the meetings that will begin happening tomorrow between members and their legislators in Washington.

Ms. Park explains that for her, it's not just a matter of Republican vs. Democrat. It's the fact that our political system is broken and needs to be fixed. I totally agree. We have to work together to help break the do-nothing gridlock that has taken over our country.

I agree with Annabel Park that Wall Street must stop gaming the system and buying elections. Citizens United are also concerned about this. Now we have undisclosed and unrestricted donations to candidates. This has led to a government that is responding to donors instead of to the people.

Here are some more of Annabel Park's questions:

Why do we have such big subsidies for big companies? 

What are the reasons behind them? 

What is smart?

What is fair? 

What are our priorities? 

Do we really need all our bases around the world? 

Are our policies in line with our values?

We need to look at the thinking behind these things. We need to focus on Smart Government, not small government. There is a "cognitive" program that goes back to campaign finance laws. People need 6 million dollars to run for office. "This is something we need to put an end to," Ms. Park says, and "we need to have a cultural change" because "the parties have been corrupted by money."

I agree with this so much. This program has callers and questions that are VERY interesting! She handled her negative callers with finesse. I think you will agree!

Check it out and comment below if you want to.

I will be following this story and also what happens later!

As the Coffee Party says, "We the People are the Government. Let's fix it, not drown it!"

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