Friday, September 02, 2011

Betsyanne's Organization Day

Organization Day

Today I shorten down my postings... do my Twitters, and attach a suitable photo from the Microsoft Clipart site.

One of my favorite blog sites, the FlyLady site, has some great hints for me on cutting down clutter in my home. I will be doing some of these today.

I hope to repeat this at least one day a week, until I have made a major dent in my clutter at the house. I have boxes of papers that need organizing, many books to give away or sell, collectibles, clothing, and knick-knacks I must pare down or sell, and file cabinets that need purging.

Wish me luck! And write your tip or tips as a comment.


 Oh - and here is my latest Squidoo posting about being a clutterbug.

It's called From Clutterbug to Butterfly

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