Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinging your blog for free, 4 great sites

 Hi, all! Do you have a blog or website? Want to get the word out and get more readers?

I am doing my blogs today, and realized I have not posted ping sites here for my readers. In case you have a blog especially, pinging it can really help it get seen. I have four different pinging sites I use. They are all free. Many have fee options, where you can sign up and they will ping your blog for free too.
Pong Panda from the MS Clipart pages
Here are the pinging sites I use:

#1: Pingoat - this site has a funny cartoon goat as its logo, which is kind of strange, but it goes with their name. However, they do have some good sites they ping to. I have noticed all the pings they do for you don't always work. But many do.

#2. Ping-o-matic: I like this ping site because it is (a) fast and (b) all the pings alway go all the way through and actually contact the sites they are supposed to send to.

#3. The Feedburner Ping Page: I am on Feedburner anyway with my sites, so this just helps them get noticed sooner on the email of people who are signed up for my blogs.

#4. Pingler - I added this site most recently. It sends to a lot of mysterious places I have never heard of, but I like it because of the volume of pinging it does.

If you want your website pinged or sent to web search engines for free, try Self You can also join here to have your websites auto-promoted too.

Do you have a blog? List it under here as a comment.

A photo from Fountain Square park recently.
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