Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Tamarind Indian Bistro in Nashville, Tennessee

What a great buffet the Tamarind Indian Bistro had on Friday.

They had vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, samosas, a good selection of curries, papadums, nan bread cut into little triangles, and two kinds of desserts right next to the regular buffet. We really enjoyed it.

The Tamarind changes their buffet menu every day. I liked the nice white napkins folded into a hat at each place, and fun Indian music playing too. I saw people from all over eating there. Note to new customers: when you get the buffet, you just walk over to the little counter when you are through and pay.

I took a few other photos the same day. One is of Rickey and a big rooster. Notice the chain on the big rooster's leg. This statue is right down the street from the Tamarind.

We also went into two other stores here, Flavour Women and Men are both really the same store, but men's clothing and hats are on one side, and women's clothing and accessories are on the other. I saw some interesting things.

The women's jewelry featured the new bracelet style, which is are more like big long armbands. They had several kinds of these. To me they seem like many bracelets glued together. But it was a fun store, with friendly shopkeepers.

I tried to get Rickey to try on a hat. Maybe next time!

So... this lunch was definitely a great success. I think we will for sure be going back there! I think I would like to try some of the items on the regular menu also someday. I enjoyed the Chicken Tikka, one of my Mom's favorites, along with Sag and the Gulab Jamun dessert (yummy honey sweet dessert balls sometimes made with rosewater).

Here is the Tamarind Bistro website. They have coupons there for $1.00 off the buffet and one for dinner and  carry-out orders too. They also have a PDF file of their menu.

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