Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A quick posting... about backing up my computer, and photos

Image of a Western Digital 250Gb SATA Hard Dri...Image via WikipediaI just finished backing up my computer to MyOtherDrive.com. It does give me a good feeling to do that.
It has been on my list to do for a couple of weeks.
I have lost data off of my hard drives twice. Hopefully it won't happen anymore. Next stop: a portable hard drive that I will keep near my computer.
The time I spend writing I definitely don't want to lose - plus, neat websites and links are things I want to keep to explore later.
 And pictures?? Don't even go there! I am super-lucky that I had many photos on Flickr and Photobucket. They are not replaceable. Period.
People say in a house fire they most miss their photos and little mementoes. So to keep the first, one of my projects is to scan old photos and put them online in a backup - - just in case.
 Are your files and photos protected? Just saying.


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