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More Animal Tweets on Twitter - Updated #2 Version

More Animal Tweets - Updated!
I love it that pets and animals have their own pages on Twitter.
Many people wrote me to let me know of their pet and animal pages there. Here is my updated list, with new Twitter animals and groups added. Please add yours below for when I update it again.

I have found some great animal tweets on Twitter. The animals probably have their owners type their tweets out for them after their pets tell them exactly what to say. ;-)

I love it.

More and more animals are getting their own Twitter pages! And you will see they sometimes have a lot to say. 

Here are just some of them (and please add more in the comments section at the end of this blog.)

I want to have a bigger animal tweeters list going, so add quality sites to the comments. Thanks.

Sometimes the animals themselves commented on their Twitter page, and sometimes their owners did. Go figure!

You can add these Twitterin' animals to your friends on Twitter by clicking on the Follow button right under their avatar or photo on the left side of their Twitter page.

My next step: organizing this even more, and including more pet quotes.

Pet Pages
    *  Name Karma
    * Location All around the USA
    * Web (Her owner's site)
    * Bio Lovely blond Texas girl, living at a truck terminal, Animal control picked me up, but I found my way back, & into the heart and front seat of @truckerdesiree.

Poppy's Corner Shop said...
Hi! Poppy is on Twitter too! Her nick name is poppyscorner. See you around!

Hi there! I am a little dog from a snowy Sweden who is twittering at
    *  Name Doozle
    * Location Crossedover, Texas
    * Bio After I died, my Ape roommate became able to channel, translate and speak for me! Yeah, I never used to believe that crap, either.

@CassieSheltie is on Twitter, too. She says, "I'm in Moosic City, USA".

Jason said...

via Puppy Jones: Hi! Hampton, ZuZu and Starbuck (in spirit) tweet @puppyjones
My pups also have their own comic and blog at
We love the anipal twitter community and have made many new friends from around the world!
    *  Name Katie Bichon
    * Location Winter Park
    * Web (Katie Bichon's Facebook page)
    * Bio I'm a Therapy Dog and I love to help people feel better - If You Follow Me I Will Follow You!
I'm Stevie! I'm a blind shih tzu/lhasa who loves to cuddle, play tug and ride in the StevieMobile (my stroller).

Via Au and Target: Au the cat tweets at Great post, we're visiting you next and meeting new dogs, horses and other pals! Our blog:

Via Jill @jillosopher @RepubliCat is a cute but misguided political animal. Think female cat version of Stephen Colbert, but way less crafty. Inspired by my real cat, who really does have Republican qualities.

Hi. I'm a tweeting rescue dog named Mulligan. My goal is to make humans smile and to help other mutts like me find their forever home!

Hi! Alvar from Philly, nickname @terrierlogic , is also on Twitter!

TOO MANY DOGS ON THIS LIST. Hi. I'm IJ. I go by the Twitter handle @catpostrophe. I live on the Upper East Side in New York City, but I'm black, so I'm culturally confused. I like to eat bugs.

Human Pet Lovers Pages

And for human pet lovers, there are these Twitter pages:
    *  Name coolcatsites
    * Location the litter box
    * Web
    * Bio cool stuff for cool cat lovers. gifts, shopping, resources, all cat all the time. meow

And here is a curio shop with an owl for its logo:
    *  Name Mystic Owl Curio
    * Location Denver Metro
    * Web
    * Bio Herbs - Incense - Candles - Books and Magic
Fun stuff!

Via Nick: Check out He specializes in dog-friendly real estate and living in Boston, MA!

More links to explore:

Animals Unleashed: Cats, Dogs, Rodents Join Twittering Masses (via ABC News)

Animal Tweets and groups on the WeFollow site

Leave your favorite other animal Tweeters here in your comments. Thanks!
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