Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Third Culture Kids site is back

I really like this site. It is a support site for people who have lived in other countries and/or travelled a lot. It is for kids and for adults.

This site explains that if you live in two or more cultures long enough, you become a hybrid of sorts, somebody who internalizes part of each country and becomes a different person inside, somebody who can feel connected to both places, and not really fitting in to either anymore.

There are a lot of people here finding out about themselves on this website. They are making connections with people like themselves who understand what it is like to be a Third Culture Kid. I am so glad that it is back online now. I plan to go back here and re-register.

Third Culture Kids is still taking needed donations to repair their site after a hacker attack. If you want to donate, here is that link:

I see there is now a newsletter. I like that too.

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