Thursday, April 09, 2009

Walmart Easter 2009 - REALLY busy!

Walmart was SO busy yesterday. They had two whole rows set up just for Easter, with so many candy choices, one person said, "this is SO hard to decide. There are just too many choices!"

Wow. I saw several carts piled to the rim with plastic eggs and candy, getting ready for easter egg hunts.

The checkout person said "this is just like Christmas." I found a fuzzy bunny for Mom's Easter Basket, and the fur was made of the new super-soft synthetic fiber. That material is so soft and almost feels like fur.

There were at least eight different kinds of baskets, food sales, all sizes and kinds of easter eggs, and add-on toy selections. I got a basket with a fold-down handle, and almost got one with fake pink fur and spangles that said "Princess" on it. Cute stuff.


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