Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Mail

Let's Celebrate!

Are you like me? Do you go to check your email every day?

I do. I am always thinking I might miss a sale notice online, or an important message.

Today being Earth Day, I am getting emails from my groups online and mailing lists that have to do with this special day. I want to share them here with you, because some are really neat!

1. First off, a friend on Facebook is sharing her experiences using cloth diapers. She has photos of different kinds of NEW cloth diapers that have their own velcro closings, etc. and tells about other handy helps she uses with them. Here is her blog link so you can read about it too:
Happy Earth Day - A Blog about Cloth Diapering

2. NPR is featuring a Back to Basics look at eating vegan that proposes a new twist - eating vegan PART of the time. It's working for him. Here is that link in case you want to try his new healthy eating method:
Back to Basics: Good for You, Good for the Earth

3. Majora Carter from the Barack Obama website is having a LIVE CHAT (1:00 P.M. Eastern time) right now about the new GREEN JOBS that will soon be available. This chat will be available afterwards with a link at this site:
Join the Live Chat

4. You can see a picture show on the NPR site using the GeoEye satellite on this page:
See aerial views of Earth

5. The Nature Conservancy wants you to GET OUTSIDE today. Click here for more tips.

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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