Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Social Bookmark sites I like


A friend of mine wrote me about her favorite social bookmarking spot - it's Stumbleupon. That made me want to list my favorites. Stumbleupon is on my list, as number one.

Here is the list:

#1. Stumbleupon - I like this one because it shows the most popular sites and blogs and people can vote on them. You can suggest sites there too. It has a nice button you can put on your browser when you use it too.

#2. Twitter (because you can be in touch on many sites at once with only one entry here...) The only thing about Twitter is that it needs to be short to fit into the space it gives you. But it's nice.

#3. MySpace - started out as more of a high school friending place, but now it's open to all. You can custom-do your page, put music on it if you want, etc. and play online games there with your friends. It has a bad rap as a place predators lurk, but you don't have to "friend" anyone that asks, after all. You can invite [real] friends here.

#4. Facebook - more of a college friending place, and ditto for it (now it has expanded to include everyone). Their games or special effects on the site are more intricate, but there are less of them. You can invite people here too. I like the fact that you can see your friends' moods and what they are doing when you log in.

#5 Delicious (this used to be, now it's - good for putting your updates and site recommendations automatically on your blogs or websites with cool widgets.

Other interesting social networking or other fun sites you may like:
The Friendship Page
Make your own Squidoo page (with my referral)
The Official Second Life site (virtual worlds, more.) (find classmates from your schools)
Kind Rideshare


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