Monday, September 01, 2008

Today I'm checking out the storms...

Today, many people are watching Hurricane Gustav. And I'm glad that more people got out of his way this time. I only hope that most people's homes are not largely gone when they go back. On Nightline tonight, they are saying that it was a bad storm, but not as bad as Katrina.

Now we are told that Hurricane Hannah is the next one to watch. And Ike??

I looked for some good sites online to check out about the storms. Here are some:

The National Geographic Site - this site has lots of links has some coverage online too
Ian Scott's online Gustav Resources
The ABC News site

And next comes Hanna. Here is what the Sci Guy says about that:

And of course, the NOAA has some great pictures of all of the hurricanes now forming:

And for people who know people in the area, there is a U.S. Government page to use to get information:

I think I will be checking these sites today and also this week. AND watching the news closely, as will many others, I know.


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