Friday, June 27, 2008

Is Bill Clinton being a Democratic Party pooper?


That is what today was about - Unity - for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Unity, New Hampshire.

But where was Bill?

There are rumors flying today around the news and the internet.

Here are some questions I am wondering about.

Is Bill Clinton a sore loser?

Is he jealous?

Why didn't he make sure to be there today?

Just what is up?

I think Bill Clinton needs to show HIS unity with Hillary and Barack Obama to shore up the Democratic party's hopes for the presidential election.

He needs to be more of a leader, or at least show that he is just as invested in a Democratic presidential win this election.

And being at this event was important. His absence was noted.

Even if all the rumors are wrong, he needs to show that they are by stepping up to help Obama win the election.

Guess you can tell who I'm voting for.

I was a Hillary supporter, but now I must change and work for Obama. Period. And it's important to a lot of people that Bill Clinton get onboard this election train now, too.

So that's my opinion about that.

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