Thursday, January 03, 2008

This election is SO exciting!!

Fort Dodge, Iowa
Photo by Ben Strand
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I really like John Edwards and his message of inclusion this election. I also like Senator Hillary Clinton's fabulous speaking ability and charm, plus great common sense, and Senator Barack Obama's vision, creativity, and charisma too.

Representative Dennis Kucinich definitely is interesting to listen to, and has some very good ideas. He is up there with the smartest of the candidates.

I don't personally care about his multiple marriages (but some people do make this judgement against him.) What I best like about him is that he certainly has the most original ideas, and is not afraid to tell the truth. And I have to admire him for his tenacity - - it must be hard when you know you have a steep uphill climb - - pretty much from the beginning.

Plus, you have to really hand it to Governor Bill Richardson, who takes the time to pull back from bashing his fellow candidates and really says what he thinks about that. That takes real guts, empathy, and honesty. I sense a real depth of kindness in him. He's a real person who gives out a good and freindly vibe.

Senator Christopher Dodd impresses me, too, but he always seems so serious. Like he really doesn't enjoy the process. I think he cares deeply about the country, and would do a good job. He is intelligent and a good speaker.

They all are good speakers.

But John Edwards was the first candidate I really liked. I listened to him first.

Who is the best Democratic candidate? It is so hard to decide. Of course, I want to be part of history and help elect our first woman president. Plus, Hillary Clinton knows the ropes of state - - and what it takes to get things done. Then again, many of the other candidates have a pretty good idea, too. (!)

This election is SO exciting!

Is it my imagination that this year is SO much more exciting than past years? The last time I remember people around me getting so excited about an election was back in 1972.

I will definitely be watching C-SPAN tonight - I heard that they will have an up-to-the-minute commentary on the Iowa caucases tonight. I think they will have LOADS of Americans watching.

I found out that each candidate has a Flickr page going about their campaigns. They have assistants take pictures, and even might be taking some themselves. I got even more excited tonight seeing the energy and enthusiasm on the internet for the election.

Some candidates have more personal Flickr pages, and some seem to be just campaign Flickr areas. They are each different.

I will list these areas here so you can go to see them too:

Hillary Clinton's Flickr Photos
John Edwards' Flicker Photos
Barack Obama's Flicker Photos
Bill Richardson's Flicker Photos
Chris Dodd's Flicker Photos
Dennis Kucinich's Flicker Photos

Let me know if you find more (or more official) Flickr candidate links and I will add them here.

The photo at the top of this blog is by Ben Strand. It has a Creative Commons license
and is from the John Edwards site on Flickr.



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