Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Debate Time Tonight! And I'm rooting for Hillary!

Okay. I'm was not a Democrat until I realized I had to register as a Democrat or a Republican in order to vote in the primaries in Kentucky. I thought being an Independent was the best way to go.

But I am a registered Democrat now. But I feel that the Democrats are closer to my philosophy than the Republicans are. For instance, I don't think that people with the most money in this country should get tax cuts, because they don't need them.

And many of these wealthy people even said they don't WANT them! Yes, there ARE some patriotic rich people who really WANT to pay their fair share. I was surprised about that too, but happy to hear it.

I kept an open mind this year and listened to everyone's speeches. I also watched all the debates I could so far in this election. I've got to say that the Democratic debates are MUCH more exciting. I expect several zingers and surprises tonight.

Right now, I believe that Hillary Clinton should be nominated for President. I think that Barack Obama should be her VP. Why? I have many reasons. Here are just a couple of them.

1. Hillary Clinton has already been tested and knows the pitfalls of getting good and fair healthcare legislation passed. That is an important issue to me. She also knows how to play hardball. And the issues and wars going on right now need an experienced hand.

PLUS she has the backup of her husband, who knows a thing or two about this country, too.

2. Why include Obama? For one thing, he is well known now. And Barack Obama has a charisma and vision that can only help this country. I admire him! And I think a lot of other people do, too. Choosing him as the VP nominee will help Hillary Clinton appeal to all voters - young and old, male and female. Can they get along? Of course. They will have to if the Democrats want to win.

I think a lot of the misunderstandings between their camps happen just because each one wants to be the main nominee - really badly. Sometimes little mistakes get put under the microscope just because each side is trying so hard to win. I think both candidates understand that. A candidate can't always be super-sweet to everyone and be perfect all the time either.

But back to the debate. This debate tonight will be exciting! Why? Because you have Barack Obama there (who is a SUPER-GREAT speaker!) plus Hillary Clinton, who is no slouch at debate either.

IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN! I can't remember a more fun time with politics on TV EVER than watching all of the Democratic debates this year.

I'm am excited.



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