Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fixing my websites... and having a BLT!


Let me tell you about a GREAT BLT. It's not a sandwich. It's a computer program I am using for my websites this week.

I started making my websites a few years ago. I decided to use Dreamweaver. Luckily, there were many versions out then so I could pick out an older version and spend money on it. I got mine for a great price used on Ebay. (Version 3)

The sites were fine for awhile. Then, when I went to Google and used their tools to help me make my sites rank higher, I found out that they had some broken links that are either not working or have changed location.

In order to find these, I spent a long time online looking at "free" link checkers to help me, since looking at each link one by one is out of the question. Most only checked SOME of my pages, and left others unchecked. The programs themselves were very expensive.

I almost stopped looking after I spent hours, and had only a few pages fixed. I just could not find any link checker program sites that fit my budget.

At last, after many tries, I found a great link checker program for Macs called BLT. (As in Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato... but really Braxton's Link Tester.) The logo for the program is a sandwich - of course!

The BLT website advertises the new version for $25.00, which is really a great price. Other sites "allow" you to purchase link testers per month, which I REALLY didn't want.

Lucky for me, Braxton's older version is still downloadable, though not supported. It worked great! I would recommend it for any Mac user who needs to fix their site and make it easier to navigate.

Thanks, BLT! Not only do you look great, you have NO calories!


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