Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas memories... and singing around the piano

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My mother was telling me about her Christmas memories - her family would always gather around the piano - playing and singing Christmas carols - everyone belting out his or her part. They would sing in harmony and laugh a lot. We continued that tradition in our family, too. I think this year we will try that again.

Hearing the story about Christmas singing also brought back my family memory of everyone singing in the car at full throttle with the car windows down. My mother and sisters would all be singing a different part - maybe a harmony, maybe a round, and we didn't care who heard us. In fact, it was kind of funny to see the reactions of people as we passed them our voices really loud.

We got a lot of smiles and looks of surprise from the other cars. Sometimes Dad would join in, but you couldn't really tell which part he was singing because all the notes he sang sounded alike. We drowned him out anyway.

I do miss singing! I will have to join a group or choir next year. It's one thing to sing by yourself... but it's another to hear the voices around you and to be part of something bigger.

The very best time to be in church is when it is crowded and everyone is singing. The sound just surrounds you and you get carried away in it. It just HAS to be loud. That is the very best. About the only time that happens is right before Christmas, unfortunately. And the "amens" just HAVE to be in harmony. Ditto.

I have the TV on a choir right now - singing on NPR. It's great.

Well - off to write some more. To everyone reading this - - do have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a very Joyous Yule!



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