Sunday, August 19, 2007

Win prizes... from reading your newspaper

photo is by Anita Patterson Peppers from
her Morguefile section. The artist's webpage is at
the photos on her webpage are pay photos starting at only $1 each. Her morguefile
link to her free photos is also on her web page. Aren't these great colors?

WIN! WIN! WIN! I never did get around to really entering contests until now.
I'll admit, I used to try to enter the occasional contest, but now I am entering
more than ever. It's kind of fun. I will share the ones I enter today. Maybe
someday I'll have a space for contests on my website. I would enjoy doing that.
YOUR COUPONS Every weekend, we get the Sunday paper. There is always a coupon
section in there that I seldom get around to reading. Now, though, I have decided
to start entering some of the sweepstakes there and see what happens. Here are
some I found:

Win over 100 portable music prizes daily at:
(Of course... I want the IPOD...) Win a trip to New York Fashion Week for a
Hairapy Makeover:

These are OVER. Darn.

Well... Here is one that is actually still on. It's at Travel Channel here. It's called the Travel Channel Trip a Month Trivia contest.

You can enter every day. Right now you can win a trip to Jamaica. You also have to answer a trivia question, but they make it easy by giving a clue article.

More later. I keep hearing thunder out there, but there is so far no rain.
I unplugged the battery from the computer just in case. I've already had one
computer die from a lightning strike, so I'm extra-careful now. Yes... a save
money web page. Sounds fun. Have a great week, everyone.


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