Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tutoring - and the end of the booksale

I called about doing some tutoring in English this semester. I got a green light from a friend so decided to get the information out this week. I will send a notice to all the schools around here in case parents need extra help. I know I can do a great job on this.

Today was the end of the book sale at the Depot Branch Library here in Bowling Green. I loaded up on lots of neat detective books. I hadn't heard of most of the authors, but I don't read a lot of mystery books. They had some great deals because it was fill-up-a-sack-for-a-dollar day. Some of the people wanted to go home but they had to stay until 4:00 or until all the books were gone.

Hey! Just looked at the local BG library site (link is above). You can now download ebooks right from their website! I am impressed. I will have to see how the software works soon, and try to download a book.


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