Thursday, July 06, 2006

I googled myself!!

I googled myself today. I went to the google site and typed in this blog. Eureka, and oh-my-my, I actually have a page ranking now and I'm on Google. I really felt good. Now I spent the entire day redoing my Betsyanne site and now I'll redo my work pages too. THEN I'll resubmit it, since I didn't have any inside links or anything I was supposed to have the first time.

From submit to Google having the site indexed took some weeks, but I am so happy about it.

Now to optimize everything with the right words and start putting more fun stuff on here. It's neat to discover things, like putting the exciting flickr picture badge on.

So... I redid everything but three pages today.

ANIMAL UPDATE: There is a frog in Mom's pool again. He sits hidden under the ladder, and I think he eats insects that get in there. I also think he gets out at night. He hasn't started "singing" yet, but we are waiting. I wish I could get a picture of him. I saw him last year and he was SO cute. I will try tomorrow.


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