Friday, May 12, 2006

Barren Co. High School Interview

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I interviewed at Barren County High School today. What a nice and friendly school! I saw somebody I knew there, too, from Drama class. How fun. Rickey and I got to tour around the school. I thought they did a good job of interviewing. They really put me at ease. What a nice school. They made a great impression on me. We were going to look around more, but had to get back for Diane Braber's show at Capital Arts. She is leaving, but coming back later this summer. It was good to see her and Ira. We didn't get to Bolton's Landing, but maybe later on. I am curious about the area. I know the camp is near there, and it's beautiful scenery. It has grown so much since I was in town. They have almost as many restaurants as Bowling Green, it seems! It's a growing area. Many families are moving there. It was a nice drive, around 40 minutes.


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