Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And that's it for Macbeth...

Isn't he great!?

Well, I guess that's it for Macbeth. I had some lessons done for this, but all I got to do was read. (And that not with the Teacher Book...)

It was kind of interesting to re-visit this play. I have only three days left, then must hurry and do a Journalism Unit over the weekend. Always something. And there is SO much grading! Maybe Mrs. T will let me grade the next week. Then I can transport it there. The POETRY SLAM is on the 9th. THEN I have my final exam. So... if I am ready enough for the final... we'll decide this week if I am going to be there or not.

Off for now. I can't believe I've been SO busy. Time to email somebody some help with student teaching. Later!


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