Thursday, February 16, 2006

Learning about parents

Today was a "lesson" day. Plus, last night I went online to the Hubble site and got some other GREAT photos. Sometimes when you are doing student teaching, it helps to remember the stars and what is really important. Period, stamp, stamp. I got to hear some stories from other teachers, too. Tomorrow I will wait after class again. Luckily, I have all my assignments done.

Thought for today: DO UNTO OTHERS. Always a good idea. And practice forgiveness. I thank my parents for making me go to church every week. Dad was an Elder-- and Mom a Sunday School teacher. Those church lessons (did I say EVERY week?) for years and years and years really have helped me. ALSO: Rickey helps me too. A LOT. And my Mom does too.

I think of other people who have things a lot worse than I do on days like this. Well -- off to typing. I have a lot to do tonight. Tomorrow: lots to do, of course! Here's another wonderful photo from the Hubble site:
This one's called Jupiter Aurora.


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