Monday, December 26, 2005

Somebody stole the Nun Bun!

This web site (the link is below...) shows the famous Nun Bun morphing from Mother Teresa's photo. It is the cinnamon roll shop in the news. I'll bet this site gets a lot of hits tonight. The Evening News had it on as a news story just 5 minutes ago now. Somebody stole the Nun Bun! They broke in and went just for the bun, taking it away and out of the store on Christmas Day morning. I wonder if the culprit was another bun shop. They can't exactly sell it now...

About the Nun Bun

A bigger and closer picture
Another photo of the Nun Bun

A blogster wrote about this event. They then took it OFF -- this is the "cached" version... it doesn't exist any more... I wondered why. But then I realized that it happened Christmas Day, not today. Maybe the blogster changed the blog site.
Telling about the robbery

The owner of the store thinks whoever took it is going to destroy it:
What the Washington Post story said

I had better stop. I'm on a roll though.



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