Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hubble's Smash Hits - Turn off your TV plus great India blog site!

1998-18-b-web, originally uploaded by betsyanne.

As always, the hubble site at has some wonderful sites to see!

I am going to start putting some neat links here now daily -
I have so many that I've found and not put online yet.

My web page:

This blog details the Indian adventures
of a teacher and Fullbright Scholar. Great pictures, too.

Also: do you ever wonder if the news you hear on TV
is all the news out there? Maybe
people should turn off their TV once in awhile.
Here are some links I found about TV and the news...

The Product is You (The Web Page: Media Carta):


The News Lies site -
What the News Media Doesn't want you to see...

The Christian Science Monitor -
Unbiased News

True Stories not reported on TV- with photos

Requested by this site
with The Freedom of Information Act


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