Tuesday, August 30, 2005


b3_trees005, originally uploaded by betsyanne.

They cut down the whole grove of trees next to the Campbell Lane lot today. It was the only woods around there. It looks horrible now. They burned all the trees and now the beautiful area is GONE GONE GONE. How stupid can people be? Rickey says it was in the paper a couple of days ago. Maybe I'll get it and read who did it. I used to walk by it sometimes. You could hear all kinds of birds and I know there were many animals there. Rickey said they could have at least given the wood to poor people to use in their woodstoves this Christmas. But they just burned it. There is nothing left.

There was a path that led into it... I was going to go in there someday. And now it's too late. You used to be able to see some old stones that were there long ago at the side of the woods by South Campus. Do you think they were worried that a criminal would take someone in there? They should have used the area for research. Or people could have just had a lovely area to look at. They should not have burned the woods down. It's just like they did for Kroger and the apartment complex. Nobody seems to care about the earth --- it's all about how many parking lots we have or what store can go on the land. We should not pave over EVERYTHING!


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