Thursday, July 07, 2005

An actual Srinegar houseboat

Srinagar houseboat, originally uploaded by betsyanne.

It's supposed to be a bit safer now, but I guess I'd wear a salwar and chamise set just to be sure...

Doesn't this look great?

Dr. Wininger at Western Kentucky University put a NEW website online just for teachers - it's all about Teacher Motivation.

Here is the website address:

It's really good - especially for teachers who need some motivation. We all (students from his 310 class) put our favorite motivating sites, songs, movies, etc. down and he put them all together and added more.

It looks great!!!


I still haven't gotten that book done. BUT I found the first 2 chapters. Guess that'll have to do for now. I only have 2 more weeks to do the WHOLE first draft. I guess I'm a procrastinator for sure.


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