Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Old compass

Old compass
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Yup... thinking again...

So far, it's been fun teaching ADULTS. Not sure if it will be as fun teaching KIDS. I looked it up - it's 30 grad. hours to get my Masters in Adult Ed. (it says...)

I will be studying harder on Linguistics. That's hard stuff.

I am almost over the flu... thank goodness!!

At Cherry Hall, one of the water fountains is getting ready to explode.

I found 2 more elevators at Western!

We have a meeting at DUC for NTSO on Thursday, and the new South Campus advisor is coming. They want their own organization, which is A-OK with me, but I'll help them organize.

Now I get to write a LONGER story for 401. There's a test in 352 on Thursday, luckily I've already done the study sheet and double-checked it with my study partner.


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