Friday, January 14, 2005

Time out -Stephen King - Chili

OK - time out - must get kitchen in order and make some homemade chili. Yum! I'll use some dry beans (now almost done), a can of Kroger pinto beans, a can of Brooks mild chili beans, "The Secret's in the Sauce", some cooked onions, and a couple of packets of McCormack's chili seasoning.

I'm listening to Stephen King's Black Suit CD - 4 Dark Tales - including: The Man in the Dark Suit, All That You Love Will Be Carried Away, That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French, and The Death of Jack Hamilton. The French one is about deja vu. It's the last one.


401 Update: I discovered I had written too many emails. AND I don't have to keep the email copies in my personal folder. That's good. It will save time. PLUS a lot of the blogs here on this blog area are pretty risque. Which I don't mind, but I will change my blog area soon (maybe today.)

I thought about libel today. I think I should use other names for the people I write about. It sounds like good insurance - and who really would care anyhow? The story will be the same, or close.

The new Indian restaurant downtown was great! I really liked the decoration too, especially the lattice-work rounded windows at the front window. They played Indian music, more traditional stuff. I ordered some chai too (Indian tea with milk in it) and it was fabulous, in a nice thick white cup. I thought I would write about going back to the house - but use more than one house in it, including our house at N117 Panch Sheela Park - touch on the Merries in Wisconsin (a very dangerous child's game - kind of like a metal maypole with chains coming out of it), and the street that dappled the sun before Dutch Elm disease decimated these trees. Mom and I talked about writing and about India. I remembered bodysurfing in Goa, but decided it was too close to the Tsunami event (the ocean) so that idea would wait.

Stephen King's "The Stand" hasn't played on TV for awhile. The beginning of that is just plain scary.

Gotta go. For me, it's harder to STOP writing than to START writing now.


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