Thursday, January 13, 2005

Linguistics and 401 group folders...

"Story of my life..."

I will TRY to go back to sleep. I think I must be nervous about my speech today. I can try to practice it again before class. I cancelled my Ebay store today - I'm not using it much and they just raised the price by $6.00 a month! I think they'll have a lot of small store owners cancel now.

It would be fun to post pictures on here... too bad I can't figure out how to work it with my Mac. Maybe they'll fix it here on Blogspot. I'll go around and check other people's blog sites today. That is always fun.

I realized yesterday that some things in my 401 course are going to need to be posted to the GROUP folder instead of all to the PERSONAL folder. I'll go and do that soon. We used up a lot of space with our "when can we get together?" entries. I think I liked school lots better when all the classes weren't on Tuesday. I do have a couple on Thursday, but that's just how the schedule worked out.

Don't people just naturally learn grammar nowadays? Maybe they don't focus on it like they used to. Our teacher in 407 said we'd have to be pretty well-versed in that to do well in the class. I think most people who are older naturally have had grammar in school - but might need some review. I think it'll be OK. We can always learn as we go. A student who is enrolled in speech therapy asked the professor, Lesa Dill, if the sound markings (notations) were the same in "regular" linguistics study and they compared them.Turns out some are the same, and some are different. She said that there is a great need for people to stay in the Linguistics field, especiallly to write sentences in their special linguistics code that we will learn this semester. I can see why people don't want to do that, it seems pretty esoteric. She said she is pretty much in love with the subject. Maybe it'll grow on us.


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