Saturday, May 28, 2022

Planting Dreams, posting to Ebay, Organizing, the latest School and Mass shooting(s), NO to gun violence, Groups and Postings, more. Checking in.

Checking in! On the cusp: May/June 2022.

How is everyone doing? Posting today, and hoping to post monthly or bi-monthly this year.

What's up, buttercups?

I am seriously hard at work - - doing some pottery, some bookmarks (to put with sold Ebay postings), catching up with my blogs, and pricing and timing out other things on my HUGE list.

News = Shootings lately. This week is full of news - - about another horrible school massacre. Ack. I hope that some common  sense gun laws nothing. Lots of talk, but that's it.

Too many of our lawmakers are beholden to the Gun Lobby. But sometimes LOCAL action or State action HAS happened. So we must not give up hope.

I AND MANY SAY NO TO GUN VIOLENCE. PERIOD. Let's do everything we can to stop this.

So hopefully we will have some action soon.

There is word of possible protests coming on JUNE 11th. Check your local groups and sites.

On other fronts, I am more organized, am making more great lists, and following them. I recently got a NEW Calendar, too, that starts in July. I think it will be helpful, because it includes MORE years, in order to plan ahead better.

I hope that you are well and safe.

Onward and Upward!


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